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Micro-Spot Welder DUO1


Impulsion Welding and Medium / High Frequency Welding in 1 Unit

The generator RMF DUO 1, for impulsion welding, allows you to perform micro-spot welding with accuracy while providing a wide range of setting parameters.   It ensures the positioning of your parts before brazing.




  • High Frequency Inverter 10(20) kHz Mode: Accurate and consistent monitoring of weld energy with high speed closed loop feedback.
  • External Voltage and Power measuring.
  • Current, Voltage or Power controlled.
  • 4 Power Classes 500/1000/2000/4000 A
  • 50 storable welding programs of different modes: Single or Multi pulse welding.
  • Pre-heat and post-weld heating function.
  • Monitor showing real time trace of weld current, voltage, power and resistance with numerical peak and average values

Key Features:

  • Current range, depending on model type: 25-500A / 50-1000A / 100-2000 A / 200-4000A (600 Ws) by max. 20ms welding time; 2.5 kA by 32ms; 1.5 kA until 1000ms
  • Welding voltage 12V (7 V on load)
  • Net 400V 50/60 Hz; fuse protection 16A; Case IP21
  • Dimension: 410x220x222mm (LxWxH) Weight approx. 16 kg