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MK3-B Starter Kit

The MK3 starter kit is a ready-to-use product of Hilderbrand.  With this starter kit, new customers have the necessary materials at hand to start brazing properly.



The MK3-B is a complete starting kit for new users that includes :

  • One MK3 manual dispenser
  • One CF 56 H722E-2 brazing paste syringe (3cc/8g)
  • One pink needle (0.6 mm of inner diameter)
  • One purple needle (0.5 mm of inner diameter)

The brazing paste is composed of 65% wt. state of the art silver alloy CF 56 mixed with our famous H722 flux-binder.  The use of this premium paste, dispensed with accuracy, will enable you to perform a high quality brazing joint.


This video shows how the brazing paste, produced by Hilderbrand in Geneva, works.  The reference depicted is our famous CF 56 H722E-2, a universal silver-based brazing alloy in a paste for torch application.

The paste is dispensed by our MK3 manual dispenser on an open link of this brass chain.  The link is then heated up by a torch flame.  You can identify the different steps:

1. The paste dries due to the heat.
2. The flux incorporated in the paste melts and deoxidizes the metal surface (it becomes clearer).
3. The brazing alloy melts and flows by capillarity into the joint.
4. The melt cools down and the link is now closed by a metallurgical bond.