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Ultimus I Dispenser


The Ultimus I dispenser is the latest generation electro-pneumatic dispenser.  It provides the most complete control available today when it comes to applying fluids from thick brazing pastes to watery thin liquids.

The unique "Teach" function lets the operator establish deposit size, then stores time required for automatic repeat deposits.

The compact cabinet requires minimal work space.  A unique air management and high-speed solenoid system work together for consistent deposit control.  Work panels allow attachment of work station lighting, ergonomic hand pieces, flexible syringe barrel mounting options or other beneficial tools for your specific application.


Key Features

  • All digital, multi-functional display with simultaneous readouts of air pressure, time and vacuum pullback (to avoid dripping).
  • High speed solenoid for highly accurate deposits.  Multilingual display (English, French, German or Spanish).
  • Time increment adjustments as small as 0.0001seconds.
  • Easy to use "Teach" function for initial set-up.


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