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Brazing & Soldering Pastes


HILDERBRAND brazing pastes, which are often also called soldering pastes, are a homogenous mixture of brazing alloy powder with a binder and, in certain cases, with a flux, depending on the heating technique. The alloy powder has the function of melting at the desired temperature, filling the gap by capillarity and assuring the joint strength after solidification. The binder assures easy and consistent dispensing and decomposes upon heating without leaving a residue. A flux is added when the parts to be brazed are heavily oxidized or when heating is done in air.

The exact quantity of brazing paste required is deposited on the cold parts to be joined.  They are then heated either by torch in air, in a belt furnace under protective atmosphere (argon, hydrogen, cracked ammonia) or by any other heating method.

All brazing pastes are custom made to ideally suit both the customer's pieces to be joined and the heating process.

Features and benefits

The advantages of using brazing pastes instead of conventional techniques are the following:

  • Improved production rate (time saving)
  • Very precise deposit of brazing alloy (material savings)
  • Brazing alloy and flux deposition in one step
  • Easy to use
  • The process can easily be automized
  • Focus on health and safety of users

Brazing paste identification

The brazing paste identification is composed of the following components:

Example of CF 18KYES2 H722E-0
CF 18KYES2 H722 E -0
Brazing alloy designation Binder or flux-binder designation Alloy Powder Content Powder Particle Size
According to the brazing alloy list Suggested by the Hilderbrand specialists according to the customer's needs and wishes

The most common are

E = 65%
J = 78%
T = 91%
W = 94%

The most common are

-2 = 106 micron max.
-1 = 75 micron max.
-0 = 45 micron max.


The brazing pastes are generally packed in 3, 10 or 30cc ready-to-use syringes.  Upon customer request, packaging in bulk is also available.

Health and Safety

The health and safety of the workers using our brazing pastes is always at the centre of our attention.  Toxic or harmful materials are avoided wherever possible.  All our brazing pastes are cadmium free.  The alloy designations starting with CF means the paste is Cadmium Free and CNF means it is Cadmium and Nickel Free.