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Brazing paste, Manual Dispenser, MK3, Jewlery

The use of brazing paste in jewelry ensures an easy application, a gain of time as well as a minimum loss of precious materials. Over the years, Hilderbrand has developed a wide range of alloys with various flux-binders in order to meet all its customer needs.

Depending on the application, Hilderbrand brazing pastes can be used either with a torch or a belt furnace under protective atmosphere. While using a torch, the flux mixed into the binder melts just before the alloy, therefore, cleaning and preparing the metal surface for the brazing.

Our range of brazing alloys, from "hard" (high melting point) to "soft" (low melting point), allows our customer to proceed with step brazing and repair.  For example, when choosing a hard brazing alloy for the first braze, you can afterwards use a soft brazing alloyto add another part or repair a broken piece.