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The technology of brazing pastes used for years by jewelers has been adapted successfully to the manufacturing of dental prostheses.  The well-known advantages of the use of brazing pastes have an even greater effect when used by the dental technician.  The main advantages are the following:

  • Simply, it makes brazing much easier, you only need one hand.
  • Optimum brazing due to the use of an ideal mixture of brazing alloy and appropriate flux.
  • Material and time savings by rationalisation of the whole process.
  • Easy application of the paste (brazing alloy and flux) by means of a syringe

Brazing pastes are available for the following techniques:

  • Conventional Technique
  • Ceramic-Metal-Technique (primary brazing)
  • Ceramic-Metal-Technique (secondary brazing)
  • Gold coating of cobalt-chromium hooks
  • Joining gold attachments to cobalt-chromium frames
  • Orthodontic Technique

This product range has been developed jointly with PX DENTAL, a highly qualified manufacturer of top quality precious metal dental alloys.

For product and commercial information, please contact PX DENTAL who  distribute this range on an exclusive basis.